A Testimonial...

Tue, 9 Oct 2007 04:20:06 +0000
A testimonial? How about it was the best Bar Mitzvah ever, according to absolutely everyone. Even the head of the venue loved it! When anyone asks how Jon's Bar Mitzvah went, I sum it up by simply saying!

I can't believe the "Comic Rabbi" pulled it off so wonderfully and toasted all the people so flawlessly.

And the dancers? Even the usually jaded kids sat with their jaws dropped. They made the Hora so different than others... and I was so happy to see the kids get up and dance, too! Unreal, unreal, unreal. Plus they were just warm human beings. That's what made it so great; talent, unreal dancing and warmth.

In the words of my mother, the performance was "hysterical and heartfelt!"

Steven Waldman
Port Washington, NY