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RE: Bottle Dancers

Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:36:10 -0800 (PST)
Hello to Pasternak Productions and the Amazing Bottle Dancers!

Now that the wedding is over and we're (sort of) back to normal, we wanted to write and let you know what an amazing (pun kind of intended) job you guys did performing at our wedding!

We really appreciate that you were willing to work with us on customizing the Broadway Theme, as well as customizing the tribute to our honorees! Mark's "comic Rabbi" was dead-on--everyone loved his comments! Honestly, Lillian, Harold, and Bob were so excited about the whole production: 97 year-old Bob couldn't stop smiling, and Lillian actually said that for a little while, your performance made time stop for her and Harold--and at 78 and 86 years old, that's a priceless experience!

We were absolutely astonished at how fantastic your performance was--it was even better than the DVD sample. We were both astounded, when we went back over our wedding video footage, how many people you inspired to get up and dance. Much to our surprise, even Jen's incredibly grumpy uncle was up and dancing the Hora!

We couldn't imagine our wedding reception without you--you all gave fantastic performances, and you all took your performances very seriously (even though it's comedic!). We got raves from all of our guests, many of whom seemed confused as to whether or not we knew beforehand that you were performing. :)

The best testament to our wedding reception, and your performance, is the following: our wedding location hosts at least 5 weddings a week. The bartender at our wedding location (who's been working there for 10 years) told one of our guests that our wedding was the best wedding she'd ever worked! Of course we will take a smidgen of credit for all our hard work putting it together, and we think that Mark's performance, the subsequent bottle dancing, and encouragement to get people up & dancing the Hora really helped to make it very fun and quite extraordinary!

Thank you again for everything--Mark the "Rabbi," our dancers, and Tammy, all of whom were outstanding to work with. Rest assured that when we have an occasion to have you come back to an event, we'll definitely give you a call!

All the best,
Jennifer and Daniel Raim