The Amazing Bottle Dancers at Max's Bar Mitzvah

Fri, January 14, 2011 8:44:40 PM
Dear Pasternak Productions:

I am so glad I found you guys in the Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah Guide! I was looking for something special and different for my son's Bar Mitzvah... something to liven up a very low-key luncheon reception, and show our guests a good time. Tammy explained everything so thoroughly to me on the phone regarding what the Bottle Dancers do from start to finish. We especially loved giving you all the inside scoop on many of our guests that were coming up for The Candle Lighting. Your company was able to create funny, harmless jokes which told a bit about each of these people. The highlight for my son was being carried in by the Bottle Dancers and making his Grand Entrance. This really surprised a very savvy crowd of kids who go to a lot of Bar Mitzvah's. There was not one kid that had ever seen the Bottle Dancers perform live.

The Bottle Dancers are a fantastic live act... Anyone that wants to impress a bunch of 13-year olds -- as well as the adults -- with something out of the ordinary has got to book them!

Sharon Aron Baron