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Thank You!

Tue, June 12, 2012 3:25:30 PM
Hi Michael & Tammy...

I just wanted to pass on Melissa and my sincere thank you for the appearance of the Bottle Dancers that came to Zach's Bar Mitzvah the other day. They hit an absolute Home Run and EVERYONE we spoke to said they loved the experience and it was the right fit and flavor for the day we were trying to achieve. It was a touch of humor with a touch of religion which added a nice pop of energy to the start of our party. Just standing there watching the expression on people's faces was great.

With all the work that goes into the party and now that it is over, Melissa and I almost seem like lost souls like we are not doing something we are suppose to. In way I'm almost sad it's over.

We'll recommend you to anyone that may want to consider this route.

Thank you again.

Melissa & Rich Haime