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Tue, 19 Sep 2006 14:11:56 -0400


"Mary Ann Hiller"


RE: Bottle Dancer confirmation


"'Michael Pasternak'" <>

Dear Michael:


I wanted to send you this note to “Thank you” for a truly extraordinary event that The Bottle Dancers put on for our guests at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday, 9/16.  From the initial conversation with you to the dancing of the hora it was an unbelievable experience for everyone.  The “Rabbi’s”  were incredible.  I kept on wondering how the chief Rabbi could remember all the information without once looking at his notes.  One friend said as soon as he saw the Rabbi, “Oh my, Bob has brought Vegas to Bernardsville , NJ ”.  Let me tell you they were the first Rabbi’s that the Bernard’s Inn has ever had walk though their doors. 


One of our guests is in the mist of a bat mitzvah and he ran out the door to get your business card from the Rabbi so he could book you.  I have had people in the last 2 days who will stop me at the grocery store to talk about my daughter’s event because they heard about it from a friend of a friend.  My daughter, the Bat Mitzvah, had no idea that we were going to have the Bottle Dancers and when she heard that we had included you in her event was not too sure about it.  We showed her the CD and explained what was going to happen and she was cool with it.  I have gotten phone calls from a number of her friends parents who loved the event and even made reference to the Bottle Dancers as something that their children were talking about. 


Thank you, thank you for helping us to create an event to be remembered.




Mary Ann