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Hebrew Day School - Opening Day

Hi, Amazing Bottle Dancers! This is Ellen Glassman, Educational Director at Congregation Beth El-Ner Tamid, just letting you know that your performance on our Opening Day was AMAZING. The kids really loved watching you, but probably even more important than that... They really liked trying it themselves. You know, it's one thing to watch... It's a whole other thing to do! It's really been the talk-of-the-town since you left. We've had a few trying to juggle soda bottles on their heads! But I have to tell you, it was really just a tremendous morning of fun and freilach, and just to see our kids so lit up! I'll never forget... I was sitting next to a second-grader, and he looks at me and he goes, "Mrs. G, this is the best day of my life!" (His brother was up there!) So, I can't wait to get the photos back. And just know, we'll pass on great word that you really were the BEST part of our Opening Day!

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