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Adriana & Jeremy Thank You Note

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 16:28:51 -0700
To The Amazing Bottle Dancers:

You were great last night! You gave an excellent performance, filled with joy and spirit like a Jewish wedding ought to be. It was a very convincing act, full with spirit that touched every Jewish soul in the audience. It was to the liking of all the guests attending the wedding, Jews or gentile alike. Many of my Jewish friends believed that you were the "real thing," that you all were religious Hassidim performing the dance... It was a complete surprise to every one -- to the groom and bride, family, guests -- you even managed to surprised me...But above all, I felt that you gave it your all, that it was a performance from the heart, full with spirit and you didn't just go through the motions of the act.

Give my regards to Michael and Tammy in the office, and all of the performers.

Thank You!
David Sagi