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Thank you so much!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 5:42 AM
Dear Michael, Tara and The Amazing Bottle Dancers,

Thank you so much for our very own surprise hora. Everyone loved the schtick, the dancing, and literally everyone at our wedding was on the dance floor! I cannot begin to tell you how many people commented about The Amazing Bottle Dancers, they pulled it off perfectly.

I also can't thank you enough because I know that you didn't have very much about our families to work with, but you worked your magic and you got tons of laughs in the beginning and tons of smiles by the end. It was just that special touch that made our day unique and extra special.

Also, the group that was sent were so wonderful!. The first rabbi was magic timing-wise... No one had any idea! And all of the dancers were magnificent... the bottle dance was amazing! They also stayed at the end to take some pictures with us and wished us their own personal Mazel Tov!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!
Teresa (Paulucci) & Robert Sussman

PS: Thanks for reminding me to have that special moment right after the ceremony, it was as special as you said it would be and I know we will remember it for the rest of our lives! It was also your own personal touch which meant so much to me. Teresa