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Saturday, June 14, 2008 10:52 PM

''Amazing'' doesn't seem sufficient to describe your dancers!

People were hardly dancing - and many were outside drinking and smoking - until your crew barged in and turned the place upside down... a shot of adrenaline to everyone.

Like magnets, they drew all the guests in and around with their performance and no one sat still for the out-of-this-world hora. The guests, bride and groom, and even my husband and I (who did expect it all), were blown away! No one left without remarking on the dancers and how fantastic they were. The whole affair changed completely because of their lively act and I can't wait to see the video and send it to people who were unable to come.

I just knew I made the right choice from the start on this, and the memories were worth every cent. It was different and unforgettable and spectacular in every way. You made the event. I cannot thank you enough.

Yours truly,
Peggy and George Von Bargen